Check out new retractable tray accessory!
Check out new retractable tray accessory!
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About - Slide And Hide CoverKeeper & Tray

3 steps for slide and hide cover keeper





First, fold up the comforter to expose the Cover Keepers

cover keeper

Second, slide out the Cover Keepers

cover keeper

Neatly fold down your comforter onto the Cover Keepers and place decorator pillows on top

Uses of Slide and Hide CoverKeeper

1. Can be used when changing your sheets. Place the other bedding, like blankets or comforters, onto Cover Keepers, change the sheets, and then pull bedding back up to make your bed.

2. For people who do not like weight on their feet at night, you can easily pile extra pillows onto the Cover Keepers high enough to
keep the weight off of your feet but still close enough to keep your feet warm.

3. It also helps kids to make their beds in  the morning with no complaining.

Uses of Accessory Tray

1. Place your C-PAP machine next to your bed, but not on your lovely nightstand.

2. Have water and medications handy for a sick person.

3. As a temporary, space-saving nightstand in a camper-trailer or RV 

4. Handy access to essentials on the top bunk of a bunk-bed (assuming flat bunk platform).