7 Bedroom Hacks for Comfortable and Better Sleep

One of our favorite times is when we get to our pajamas and jump onto the bed to have a quality sleep after a weary day. It is essential to have a sound sleep for your brain to function properly. From painting your walls with calming colors to creating storage with a bed side tray, there are various tricks to add comfort to your bedroom for better sleep.

We have listed the 7 best hacks to have a sound sleep in your bedroom.

Get Rid of Clutter

A cluttered bedroom will never give you a relaxing vibe. Moreover, it will make your room look messy. Organize and declutter your bedroom by eliminating unwanted or unnecessary objects. For example, if there is an old study table in your room that you no longer use, it is better to get rid of it. Not only will it add more space to your bedroom, but it will also make you feel relaxed and comfortable even while sleeping.

Add Soothing Fragrance

Sometimes, a soothing fragrance is enough to calm you down and help you breathe easier. In fact, a study shows that fragrances like lavender can help in reducing blood pressure and skin temperature. By doing so, it puts you in a relaxed mode and makes you feel drowsy. So, add the lavender scent to your bedroom during the night to get a deeper sleep. Also, you can use lavender-scented detergent to wash your bed sheets or pillows.

Choose a Comfortable Pillow

Do you know that the pillow that you use can affect your sleep? A wrong pillow can make you uncomfortable during your sleep, obstructing your sleep quality. Besides, using the wrong pillow can also give you neck or back pain in the morning. So, it is necessary to choose a comfortable and right-sized pillow. Moreover, ensure to wash your pillow periodically to ward off bacteria and allergens that might disturb your sleep.

Paint your walls with the Right colors

You need a pleasing environment for better sleep. You create a serene space for a sound sleep by painting your walls with calming colors. As you already know, colors have a great impact on our mood. Usually blue, white and green are considered to be the best colors for a bedroom as they are relaxing. Especially, the blue color is conducive to sleep. So, use the power of colors and paint your walls with the right one for a calming effect and good sleep.

Kick out the Electronics

The electronics like television, your laptop, phone, and other devices may stray you away from a sound sleep. Even many studies prove that blue light that comes out of your electronic devices suppresses melatonin production and keeps you awake for a longer time. So, don't let them steal your precious sleep and keep them out of your bedroom to enhance your sleep quality.

Get the Right Bedding

To have a sound sleep at night, it is essential to choose the right bedding. Bedding mainly includes your mattress, bedsheets, and blankets. Not all bedding works the same for everyone. You may have to put effort into creating comfortable bedding for yourself. Moreover, try to invest in fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties like cotton, wool, silk, linen, and more. They tend to absorb excess moisture to make you comfortable. Also, choose the right mattress to sleep well.

Have Extra Storage

It is quite necessary to have extra storage to keep your bedroom essentials. An accessory tray or nightstand would be a great addition to your bedroom. Your bed side tray will hold your essentials like mobile, water bottle, charger, medicines, and many more. Furthermore, install the foot of bed blanket holder where you can keep your blankets or comforters. It means that you won't have to keep your blanket on your bed even when you are not using it. Thus, you can have extra space to stretch your legs while sleeping to have a comfortable sleep.


So, these were the 7 best tricks that you can try to make your bedroom comfortable for better sleep. Additionally, ensure to turn off all the lights before sleeping. Also, block bothersome noises with earplugs. Finally, make sure to keep the right temperature for your bedroom, neither too hot nor too cold. Furthermore, if you want to create more storage space in your bedroom, you can visit the Slide and Hide Coverkeeper website to check out their products.