CoverKeeper and Tray Bundle

Convenience and Ease for everyone!

The Slide and Hide CoverKeeper is an amazing solution for keeping your bed neat and tidy.
No more throwing covers onto the floor while changing sheets or having a messy bed.
Perfect for everyone from teenagers to seniors, the Slide and Hide CoverKeeper is one of the most inventive new products available.
Also, see our retractable nightstand which serves multiple purposes for children through seniors.  (See 'About' page for more detail.)

PURCHASE 2 UNITS FOR A TWIN BED, 2-3* UNITS FOR A DOUBLE, 3-4* UNITS FOR A QUEEN OR KING SIZE BED. * The number of units depend on the weight of your pillows, blankets, comforter or bedspread

Welcome to the Slide & Hide CoverKeeper and Retractable Tray! Makes going to bed a pleasure and the morning a breeze.