Accessory Tray Only

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The Accessory tray is great for repeat customers who already have the Slide and Hide CoverKeepers and want to purchase a tray for use as a retractable nightstand. (You will need to use one Slide and Hide CoverKeeper to hold the tray.)   

Using an existing CoverKeeper with a new Accessory Tray is a convenient option to place all your small essential items such as water, medications, glasses, phone, and other items handy at night. It is a retractable tray, which can easily slide in and out from the side of your bed. In the morning, slide the tray in to save space and clutter. It’s great for holding a C-Pap machine for those with sleep apnea.  In the morning, the machine can be hidden by your comforter. 

The accessory tray can also be used as a temporary nightstand in a camper-trailer, RV, or top of a bunk-bed. It is a must-have accessory for those customers who already have the Slide and Hide CoverKeeper and need an extra tray as a nightstand.

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