Our Slide and Hide Coverkeeper makes handling our king size comforter much easier. We just pull down our comforter at night, and pull it back up in the morning! Then we just fluff up the pillows and we are done!! We are so pleased!  We now have Coverkeepers on all of our beds.

I can't believe how the Slide and Hide Coverkeeper has changed my bed making routine. Until I had the Slide and Hide Coverkeeper, I was forever tripping on the bedspread and blankets laying on the floor at the foot of the bed as I was going from one side of the bed to the other side. Now they are out of the way and I can just pull them back on the bed.  The Coverkeeper has cut my time in half for bedmaking and keeps every thing off the floor, therefore cleaner.  I would encourage everyone to look into this wonderful product. 

Jacque, North Mankato, Minnesota
 I have used my "Slide and Hide" for about 2 years.  The thing I like the best is having my decorative pillows off the floor!!  This was a great idea!!
Thanks for the introducing me to "Slide and Hide".
Olive Denver, Co

The last one to wake up, in our household, makes the bed---which 99.9% of the time is my husband. I always avoided watching this exhausting scene---pillow, bedspread, blankets all in a tangle on the floor, and my husband in the midst of it trying to set them straight--- frustrated, half asleep, and annoyed.

However, this all came to an end when we purchased the Side and Hide CoverKeeper. What an absolute godsend. With it, my husband’s routine is priceless. No bedding on the floor, just smiles and good humor as he systematically pulls the sheet, blankets, then pillows up from a layered position off of the device at the foot of the bed onto the bed. The painful 10 minute bed making routine becomes a 1 minute joy!!! Then voila, into the kitchen to get his coffee.

We recommend this innovative, ingenious, time saving device to anyone who has a bed and a desire to improve their quality of life.

Jim and Mary Anderson

I enjoy nice bed spreads on my beds, and they are sometimes heavy, depending on the season. My husband cannot tolerate having covers on his feet at night time. Therefore, the coverlets are taken off and put in a corner of the room. The next morning you pick up the comforter and it always seems to be the wrong direction as you are remaking the bed!!

Slide and Hide has solved both problems. Simply lift the covers at the foot of the bed, pull out the Slide and Hide, roll the comforter down onto the Slide and Hide and there it rests for the night. No mess, no upside down comforter in the morning and husband is happy!! Remake the bed, simple as can be. Your extra pillows can even rest on the Side and Hide CoverKeepers.

Small rooms? Your guests can use the Slide and Hide for light luggage.

Rona L Brennan


The CoverKeeper really solves the problem of where to put the spread & pillows. Before they were all over the bedroom, now they are kept neat and clean in the place where they belong. Thanks

Jean Binks


Once in a great while we discover something that makes our lives so much easier, the item I’m going to tell you about is just such a thing.

My wife seems to love the big bulky bedspreads that are an absolute pain to store when not in use, plus when we go to put it back on the following morning, we invariably do it upside down or sideways the first time so we have to spin it, and hope it works the second time.

Well, here’s the solution, the SLIDE AND HIDE COVERKEEPERS, no more tripping on the spread in those middle of the night restroom breaks, no more spread spinning, NO MORE HASSEL. Just roll the spread into the keeper, and out the next morning which is about a 5 second task.





I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your CoverKeeper. We have two or three on each of our beds and just love them.   It’s really nice to keep the bedding off the floor with all the dust and invisible “mites” that we cannot see. My husband is especially pleased that they also keep the weight of the bed spread off his feet through the night.

The clients I have given CoverKepers to are totally thrilled with them and just love them. They’re the perfect closing gift and a great hit.

Thank you for a fantastic product.

Jo Ann Patrick, Realtor


I love the new accessory tray.   It's great for our camper-trailer.   Now, I can put my bottle of water, phone, and glasses right next to me without having them on the floor or losing them somewhere in the bed.   When not in use, it just slides away.   It's very handy.

Leslie Soltis


I just wanted to let you know how great this product is!  It does exactly what I needed. No more tripping over a bench at the end of the bed used to hold the bedspread at night.  This product is pure genius!  Thanks so much to the creative person who designed it.  Good luck to your company in the future!
Kris, Sturgeon Bay